Master the London system

Master the London system in 10 lessons

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Complete step by step course for most famous opening.

    Here is what commonly happens

    You decided to master the London system so you go to YouTube and search for a video on London system.

    You learn about first few moves of the opening in the video and you feel confident that you have learned the London system.

    So, after watching the video, you go to to apply the new found knowledge and play a game.

    Opening of the game goes according to your plan but then opponent plays a move that was not covered in the video…you get confused. You think for some time but you don’t know what to do next! Your opponent has thrown you out of your comfort zone.

    You don’t know how to play the middlegame and then after making few mistakes, you lose the game.

    Are you watching YouTube videos videos on London system and still not getting good results? …may be a video does not cover all the details of London system in depth.

You know why you lost the game

Because you did not know how to play the middle game! 😊

Memorizing first 10 moves an opening does not mean that you have learned the opening. Far more important thing to learn is: how to play the middlegame of the opening.

If you learn only the opening moves but do not understand the common strategical and tactical ideas of that opening, then you have not learned the opening at all!!

If you want to truly master an opening then you need to understand:

  •   Common plans of that opening
  •   Common tactical themes of that opening
  •   Common strategical maneuvers of that opening

Before I tell you, how you can learn all this about London system, let’s see why we should play the London system in the first place.

Why you should play London system?

Although you can play London system at any level but it is an ideal opening for beginners and intermediate players because

  •   You don’t have to memorize the opening moves.
  •   You will never get surprised by opponent’s tricky opening moves.
  •   You will never lose a game because of the opening
  •   You can master this opening even if you do not have lot of time to study chess.
  •   You can avoid the opening preparation of your opponent and force him to play on your territory.

Now let’s see how you can master London system in just 10 classes.

What you will learn in this course
  •   Fundamental strategy of the London system to build a strong foundation.
  •   Complete preparation against blacks’ major reply and how you can destroy them.
  •   Learn about common pawn structure of this opening so that you know what to do in any position.
  •   Every attacking idea of London system in detail to destroy the blacks kingside.
  •   When to play safe, solid chess and when to go for cut throat attacking lines.
  •   Common mistakes that most players mistakes in the London system (probably you are making few of them also 😊)
  •   What to do when your opponents play a move that you have not seen before.
This course is for You
  •   If you don’t have lot of time to study chess and you want to quickly learn an opening in depth.
  •   If you are looking to master every detail of London system and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.
  •   If you want to get into a position where you know what you should do next!
  •   If you are looking for an opening that does not require a lot of hard work.
  •   If you are looking for an opening that you can play even against higher rated opponents.
Frequently asked question
Q. Is this course live or pre-recorded?
This course is live and all of your doubts will be resolved.
Q. Do I get exercise puzzles also?
Yes, you will get exercise puzzles to practice the concepts that you have learned.
Q. What is the timings of the class?
Timings of the class are flexible. You should contact us to get more Details about the timings of the class.
Q. What is the duration of the class?
Duration of the class is 1 Hour.
Q. which platform is used for the classes?
Zoom or google meet are used for the class.
Q. Will I really learn everything about this opening in just 10 classes?
Yes, you will learn everything about this opening in just 10 classes.
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