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Sachin Malik Chess Coaching was founded in 2015 by Mr. Sachin Malik. We are a team of passionate chess players who wants to share the joy of playing chess.

We are certified trainers with many years of experience that ensures quality education.

Online Chess Coaching

Chess is the most popular and fastest growing board game in the whole world. Chaturanga – earliest known version of modern chess was invented in India around 6 th century. Its purpose was to hone strategic and tactical decision-making skill in emperors to help them win wars. Earlier, it was mostly played by kings and emperors and that’s why it is also called the Royal game.

Best Online Chess Classes in India

Nowadays, most parents are also realizing the importance of chess. Parents want to develop logical thinking, strategic decision making, imagination and creativity in their kids, that’s why most parents are choosing chess for their kids and are looking for chess classes.

If you are also looking for Best Online Chess Classes in India, you have come to the right place. We offer the Best Online Chess Classes in India for students within and outside India.

We have 8+ years of professional coaching experience and we have meticulously designed our chess curriculum that is refined by hundreds of hours of practice and feedbacks by students.

Our experienced, trained and top-rated coaches make sure that you get the best Online Chess Coaching In India.

Why join Online Chess Coaching in India?

you don’t have to travel to a distance to attend physical chess class, you can easily get the Best Chess Lessons in India from the comfort of your home. Consequently, you will be saving time and money by joining Online Chess Coaching In India .

Research proves that kids who learn to play chess perform academically better than kids who don’t. That’s because chess activates both hemispheres of the brain. Left brain is responsible for analytics, logic, reasoning and computation. On the other hand, right brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, visualization and feelings. With our Best Online Chess Classes in Indiayour kid stimulate the brain muscles and get better grades in school.


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Online Chess Coaching In India
World’s best chess curriculum
Online Chess Coaching In India
Step by step structured approach
Online Chess Coaching In India
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Online Chess Coaching In India
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Frequently asked questions?

we use zoom and google meet to provide online chess coaching.

You need only two things:

strong internet connection

a device like laptop or tablet.

Days and timings of the classes are flexible. Based on your preference and

we aspire to provide best online chess classes in India however if for some reason you don’t want to continue the classes; we will provide the full refund for the remaining classes.

We understand that sometimes due to bad internet connection or emergency, it is possible that child misses a class. You can simply reschedule that class.

yes, you can contact the teacher directly as it will be easier for you to solve your query.

Duration of each class is one hour.

yes, we do provide the homework after every class.

we have a developed a detailed curriculum for different level of courses. You can find the details in the course section.

we will provide the details of upcoming chess tournaments in your nearby locations.


chess for kids

Online Chess Coaching In India
Improves problem solving skill
Online Chess Coaching In India
Develops logical thinking
Best Online Chess Classes In India
Improves concentration
Best Online Chess Classes in India
Improves schoolwork & grades
Best Online Chess Classes in India
Improves strategic thinking
Best Online Chess Classes in India
Develops imagination & creativity


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