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History of Chess

“Chaturanga” is the earliest known version of chess which means “four divisions of Military”, and these four divisions were Infantry, Cavalry, Elephants, and Chariotry. It was invented in Northwest India around the sixth century A.D. Indian chaturanga was first introduced to Europe as "Shatranj" and later evolved into "Modern Chess" in the 15th century. Today, Chess is played in more than 170 countries and is acknowledged as an intellectual sport.

Purpose of inventing chess was to develop and enhance strategic and tactical decision-making skills in kings and emperors. Earlier, it was mostly played by royal family members so that’s why it is called Royal Game.

Chess is a strategy, skill, and intelligence-based game. With the increasing popularity of chess in India, more and more players are learning to play. However, many players have difficulty playing the game due to a lack of knowledge of the rules and strategies.

Now, with our online chess training India program, you can learn chess from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go to a physical location to get best chess coach in India so it means you will save both time and money. Using online chess classes anyone can access the best chess coach in India regardless of your playing level.

What Does Online Chess Training India Offer?

You can choose any of the following courses that suits you best.

Beginner Level Chess Coaching Classes

This program by Sachin Malik Online Chess Training India is intended for unrated or recreational players. It is advised to take this fundamental chess course to learn the basics of the game from zero level. You will have a solid foundation of all the concepts that required to take your game to the intermediate level.

Intermediate Level Chess Coaching Classes

Sachin Malik Online Chess Training India program aids in tournament preparation by providing an in-depth study of the opening, middle game, and endgame. In this course, every topic of all three phases of game will be covered that will give you a comprehensive understanding of chess.

Advance Level Chess Coaching Classes

Advance Level Chess Coaching Classes are designed to give students a step-by-step process to their own strength and weakness. This includes analyzing their own games and studying the relevant topics in greater details. This program also covers advanced topics that are necessary to excel in tournament competitions.

Expert Level Chess Coaching Classes

Sachin Malik Expert Online Chess Training India is for chess players who have a specific goal in mind, like qualifying for a District, State, National or international level chess championship. Improvement plan is curated according to the specific needs of the students

Best Chess Coach in India

What makes a chess coach best? First, ability to assess the strength and weakness of student and adjust the teaching methodology according to the need of the student. Second, ability to breakdown a complicated topic into small, easy to understand chunks. These two qualities make sure that student understands the topic thoroughly. All of our coaches go through a rigorous training that is refined by thousands of hours of practice and feedback from students. Our trained and experienced coaches combined with online training tools means that you get the best chess coach in India right at your home.

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